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This site is a resource for real (ocean) surfers, listing books, magazines, films, software etc with links where appropriate.

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Ok, these pages have been created with an attitude of "all care and no responsibility". That is, I hope to be both comprehensive and accurate, but mistakes will occur - so don't sue me! I hope you enjoy these pages.

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If you spot some omissions, corrections and/or additions, for items that were published/released BEFORE the 31st of December 2007, please email me. I'm afraid I won't be adding anything published/released after that date, as I simply don't have the time to maintain this web site any more. If you have got something to contribute, please make the first word of the subject line SURFING, that way I can sort the incoming mail. As I will only be updating these pages in my spare time it may be a couple of months (!) before you see your information included - please be patient. My email address is steve@whelanworks.co.uk. Please don't forget to make SURFING the first word in your subject. The useful information is: Author(s) or editor(s) name(s), title of the publication, edition/revision information, ISSN and/or ISBN, date and place of publication. Generally I won't be including any sort of review of materials on any of the lists, but if you want to indicate the type of publication e.g.. "How to" book, biography etc etc that would be great. Thanks for your help!

Most of the information on printed materials has come from Jim O'Roark, who kindly sent me his lists. Jim is also interested in trading surfing material - you can email Jim direct if you'd like to at jimoro@primenet.com

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